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Storyteller for large and small events & all sizes of ear


Stories for all ages and occasions, for entertainment, contemplation, reflection, amusement, learning from or mirroring the occasion

Repertoire (already existing shows with and without music)

Gripping stories, myth and wonder tales – packaged in themes: wise, witty, sharp, feminie or winterly. Choose the package to suit your event.

Oriental stories
Ride on the colourful, magic carpet to hear the sensual and witty stories of the countries in the desert. We will hear of courageous women and men and the secrets of love and craftyness.

Wisdom tales
Why don’t butterflies sing and what connects God to the Himalajas? Here you will hear about it. You’ll find out how the little girl healed the sick king and what the stories are gathered around the Tree of the World.

About wagishness and wonder
Determinded and without a doubt in his mind the rascal keeps to his track. Likewise do miracles occur when and where they please... they usually come along when you least expect it. Dive into a world full of awe. Dare to be surprised!

Short, sharp and concentrated wisdom surrounded by magic, stillness, poetry and a vision of places far away.

Women’s stories
Crafty, clever, sensible, passionate and brave. They are witty, persistent, couragous, fighting, gentle and sensual as they are encountered in myth, legends, wisdom-, and wondertales. A show about the golden thread of love and suffering runs through the life and work of women.

Cold days
In freezing cold weather, listen to  heart warming stories beside the fire. You’ll hear about farmers, angels, people tobogganing down icey slopes and ghosts in the snow. Not enough? Then I shall pick some shining stars from the sky just for you!

Fees negotiable. For Bookings please contact me.