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„The human heart can be reached via the ears.“ Oriental saying

Story & Music CDs to immerse yourself into the realm of the imagination.
Available in German and soon to be available in English.


Wildes und Weises von der Liebe, 2002 (The wild and wise soul of love)

cd-2Stories, Poetry and Music
Adapted and Performed by Barbara Goossens
Length of CD 64’
Price (without postage): CHF 30.00. Order here.

These Tales are National Treasures. They reflect the deep and powerful wisdoms of life. To receive the messages that they convey, it is suggested that one listens with all senses alert.

Example: 1. Seelöwenfell:

These cunning, witty and passionate stories are close to real life experiences. They can touch us deeply and often have a personal message for us. ...more


Liebe, List & Leidenschaft, 2005 (Love, Cunning and Passion)

cd-1Oriental Stories and Music
Adapted and performed by Barbara Goossens
Length of Cd 60’ 26“
Price (without postage): CHF 30.00. Order here.

Stories from the Orient thrill me over with their charm, their quick wit, sweet sensuality and spicy humor. Join me and immerse yourself into a mysterious world full of adventure and words that stimulate the senses with their rhythmic sound.

Example: 2. Der Wahrsager, der kein Wahrsager war:

The stories on this CD are international treasures which are kept alive by being performed script free. All the stories have been adapted by the teller. ...more


Poetrybooklet: . . . unterwegs

buch Poetry by Barbara Goossens.
45 poems in german and english
Written 1993 - 2001      
Price (without postage): CHF 25.00. Order here.



- heitere Zeilen
- von der Liebe und den Sinnen
- vom Leben und der Einkehr
- auf Reisen

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