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All of the poetry below is by Barbara Goossens.


A sign of life

A sign of life
A sign of life
My dream, my dream
A sign of life!

It lifts me up
It gives me joy
It made me want to dance and thrill!

Oh golly me, it feels so good
It’s not a dream well understood
It is the truth, that which I say

A sign of life came in today!


Bear & Wolf

Bear and wolf went for a walk.
On the way they had a good talk.

What they’d done and what they’d dared
Until eventually they got really scared!

One of the other and the other of the one
that seriously spoiled all the fun!

After this they both went home
And ever since they’ve lived alone!


Heart beats, hope is high,
the connection, - a sigh.

Heart shivers, fear shakes,
stay calm whatever it takes!

Be clear, let it be known,
felt hard like a stone.

Took guts to dare
the facts to share.

Change happend so fast
left me being quite aghast.

More movement, more flow,
time passing will show.


The monster

He sits and gazes ahead. His eyes seem nearly dead.
His thoughts constantly on the run to find her place in the sun.
He just can’t find his hat and his glasses, -that is that...
Now his shoes, where are they again? Did he leave them out in the rain?

His bag it keeps him insane. He ruffles inside it all day.
One never knows if he has found the item he searched for so soundly.
He tidies his bag all day, it seems to be his way,
to keep himself occupied when all else turns inside.

At times he gets truly upset: “They’ve forgotten about me, I bet!“
He works himself into a rage, it can’t be written on a page.
The fury that goes through his veins when he knows he’s loosing it, -again.
The sadness for all that he’s lost, his memory at such a high cost.

The knowing of all that has been, most certainly of that inbetween.
He’s fighting to keep it together. His life is as fragile as a feather.
He knows it yet doesn’t want to know, when you tell him: “I told you so.“
He’s fighting the truth day and night, till one day the monster will bite.



to put my hands in yours
to lay my head on your shoulder
to for a moment be completely still
to let go of it all
to be held like a child
to take a deep breath
that’s what I feel like right now.



bottles flying
ice crushing
ashtrays filling
girls blushing

vodka flowing
cran-berries glowing
shake-a shake
pour it out

barman’s charming
drinks alaming
all the senses
steaming up

bar now filling
smoke is rising
chat is bubbling
night goes on

funky colours
good vibrations
thumping music
topped with fruit

hours fading
drinks in trading
drinks in limelight
thrilling taste

people coming
people going
outside drizzle
life goes on

drinks keep
flowing, shaking, pouring
looking, staring qutie amazed
fingers dancing, flicking, dashing
all together done with grace.


You may light my fire,
but I won’t let you
burn my soul


Deep knowledge lingers within the soul.
Be calm to hear its voice speak to you.


Time. –
It’s up to you what you do with it,
but it will never wait for you to do so.


Walk the room, feel your step
Feel your step, walk the room
Take room to feel the step you walk.

Walk on...