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Storyteller for large and small events & all sizes of ear

Presentation-skills - Self-confidence through Presentation Skills

You already have the main ingredients to be able to speak in public with competence - Yourself! It is your knowledge, credibility, charisma, authenticity, presence and self-confidence that enables you as a person to reach and inspire an audience. Insecurity, the inner critic, blocks and hinders one from reaching others and influencing them, from feeling confident about what one is aiming for. A strong and solid grounding is needed  to transform these components into your allies. This solid foundation will support you to bring clarity, security and spontaneity into your presentations, performances and public speaking, indeed into your life as a whole.

Contents of Coaching

Within each coaching session, we will work with your specific needs. Please bring a text if one is available. We will work with experientially in various ways. This includes physical movement, role play and videowork with some discusson of the theories that support this work. This will strenghten and expand your resources and your capacity to develop them.

The coaching sessions are available to individuals and to groups.

Please contact me for more information